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Douglas Sollows Architect Inc. has been a fixture in the Edmonton architecture scene for nearly 30 years. During this time we have evolved our knowledge and design expertise to better serve our clients. We approach all of our projects with a sensitivity for the environment and health of the greater Edmonton community context by applying sustainable design principles.

DSA is committed to working towards a net-zero ready and ultimately carbon neutral project portfolio. Attention to thermal bridging, envelope detailing for air tightness, glazing ratios, material selection and etc. greatly impacts how much energy is used by a building’s mechanical and electrical systems.

The building envelope and the role it plays in the systems a building uses is an integral part of an architect’s education. Energy modeling has changed the way we approach architecture and provides analytical understanding on the impact of our design decisions. It also helps address the inclusion of the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) 2011 into the Alberta Building Code. Rather than follow the inflexible Prescriptive Path to achieving NECB 2011, we Energy Model our designs for cost-effectiveness and still maintain the required energy performance.

Furthering our commitment to improving community through design, DSA actively sources opportunities to be involved in community enhancing initiatives. Whether it’s participating in Habitat for Humanity, volunteering with Rotary, or hosting our own Jane’s Walk, we are motivated to apply our professional knowledge and skills to enhance the community we work, play and live in.

DSA was also the first JUST Certified Company in Alberta. The JUST Program helps companies determine their Social Justice Score based on 6 defined metrics: Diversity, Equity, Safety, Worker Benefit, Local Benefit and Stewardship. JUST keeps us accountable to our own people, the greater community, and the global community, and drives the way we approach our management structure, as well as our projects and design.

At DSA, we believe our role is to provide physical solutions to functional requirements and to interpret the human dimension. We start every project by engaging with our clients, so we can truly understand their goals, objectives and operational requirements. This forms the basis of our design – the raw ingredients, if you will. We take these ingredients and apply them to multiple considerations that affect a design, and transform them into solutions that answer the needs of our clients.

DSA is passionate about designing high-performance buildings that contribute to our client’s success and the betterment of Edmonton’s built and natural environments.

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