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building envelope


DSA has made a commitment to design our buidings to a net-zero ready standard.  The building envelope accounts for the highest potential in energy savings. A super-insulated and air-tight building envelope is key when designing for energy efficiency.  


Further attention to thermal bridging, technical envelope detailing, glazing ratios and materials selection, directly correlates to the size of a building's electrical and mechanical systems.  As such, system sizes can be reduced, which allows more room in the capital budget for more efficient building systems.  This strategy makes the integration of renewable and alternative energy systems feasible.


The right balance of building enevelope components and building systems are identified through Energy Modeling and is critical in reducing pollution from building's and saving out client's money. Operational and maintenance savings realized from well-designed and high-efficiency buildings allow our clients in Edmonton, and across Western Canada, to invest or spend their money elsewhere.



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