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energy modeling


We energy model current designs and completed projects to establish our building’s prescriptive and actual energy performance.  This allows us to benchmark our work against national energy consumption averages. Maintaining relationships with our clients and obtaining the operating cost data after a project has been delivered gives us the opportunity to audit the legacy of our buildings.


Through this research, DSA has proven that our buildings located in Edmonton, and across Western Canada, are currently performing 25-75% more efficiently than energy consumption averages established by both National Resources Canada and the Building Operators & Managers Association (BOMA).


Energy modeling allows us the opportunity to analyze different building envelope inputs for cost effectiveness while maintaining the necessary energy goals required by NECB 2011 and the ever evolving marketplace. In the early design stages, this technology paired with sustainable design principles and an integrated project team, creates more opportunities for a cost-effective design and increased energy saving potential.  This reduces the risk of a design moving forward and not achieving NECB 2011 compliance.


As early adopters of Energy Modeling into our design process, DSA is well positioned to provide guidance and stability to our current and future clients, looking to start their project under the 2014 Alberta Building Code and NECB 2011.



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