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sustainable design


40% of CO2 emissions come from buildings.  At DSA, we apply a myriad of sustainable design principles to all of our projects.  At the start of a project, we emphasis site analysis to understand how the four faces of a building must respond to the surrounding environment, providing the necessary protection from the sun, wind, precipitation and degradation that is constant in nature.  This study not only creates opportunity for energy efficiency – it ensures selection of materials for the right climate, reducing long term maintenance costs.


Materials and technologies have changed significantly.  Actively assessing different systems and materials options to balance budget with energy performance targets is essential.  This strategy reduces long-term operating and maintenance costs, as well as environmental impact over a buildings life cycle.


Increasing public awareness for local economy sourcing, embodied carbon footprints and providing healthy interior environments, requires what we consider sustainability in terms of social and economic well-being, not just environmental factors. DSA is actively updating our material library with healthier products and materials – with the ultimate goal of having a Red List Free library. The intention is to give rise to a paradigm shift in the manufacturing and design industries, encouraging a higher sensitivity for sustainable supply chains and product-life cycle assessment.


DSA is committed to sustainable design and the delivery of buildings that save our clients’ money and create a built environment that is fluid with nature. Whether your project is located in Edmonton’s northern prairie-steppe climate, the temperate locale of Vancouver Island, or Saskatchewan’s continental prairie, we want to help deliver a building that you and your clients will be proud of.



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